Author reveals Huntington Beach’s most haunted

The front view of the Newland house in Huntington Beach.

The Psychic

Ever since Michael J. Kouri was struck by a car as a young child, he has been able to see and communicate with spirits, he said.

“I wasn’t terribly injured,” he said about the accident when he was 8. “But it was like a gateway opened. I see everything.”

Kouri, a psychic medium from the San Gabriel Valley, learned to cultivate this ability and eventually used it to research and write about history and hauntings in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

He offers various ghost tours, including Ghosts Along the Coasts, which takes participants from Long Beach to San Clemente to see the sights and hear stories of history and spirits along the way.

His ghost tours and readings have been featured nationally – he’s been on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The View,” the History Channel and the Travel Channel.

“I really believe that God gave me this gift to help the spirits and to help people understand the true meaning of life and their spiritual path,” Kouri said.

He’s releasing his second book today, “Haunted Houses of Hollywoodland,” which features a section dedicated to Huntington Beach and other Orange County haunted spots.

Here’s a look at some of the haunted places in Huntington Beach, according to Kouri.

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