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Living in Southern California, you have a lot of time where you’re listening to music to pass the downtown. You, of course, spend time in the So Cal traffic, you spend time with your earphones on at the gym, at the store, and sometimes even at home. As great as your music is, why not take a break and listen to a podcast? More importantly, listen to podcasts that talk about the world we live in today – for better or for worse. They’re entertaining, engaging, and examples of justice for crimes in the real world.

So take a beat and check out the previews for the Crime Beat Podcast.

Season Two: Mom vs. Murderer

On Feb. 12, 1994, Cal State Fullerton honor student Cathy Torrez didn’t come home after working the evening shift in the photo department at Sav-On. A week later, her body was discovered stabbed to death in the trunk of her own car.

“Crime Beat,” Season 2 focuses on Cathy’s mother, Mary Bennett, and her extraordinary quest for justice. It took 21 years for Mary’s wish to come true: The man who lived across the street was convicted of Cathy’s murder.

In this season, we will take you behind the scenes of the investigation, playing old interviews from cassette tapes taken from the 1994 police archives, conducting new interviews with people involved in the case and reporting new story lines that have never been published.

Listen to this season’s audio preview, HERE.

Photo by Andy Feliciotti

Season One: Stealing Nixon’s Millions

The President of the United States started committing crimes in an effort to win an election.

And while this was going on in the White House, seven guys from Youngstown, Ohio, pulled off the biggest bank heist in the history of the United States. They targeted President Richard Nixon’s ill-gotten campaign funds, going after $30 million in a Laguna Niguel safe-deposit box the President had amassed through shady deals.

Three days after the heist, Nixon approved the Watergate break-in. Coincidence?Welcome to Crime Beat, a new podcast by the Southern California News Group and reporter Keith Sharon who is based in Orange County.

This is Crime Beat, Season One: “Stealing Nixon’s Millions.”

Listen to this season’s audio preview, HERE.

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