Darkside in Riverside

It’s Time to Get Out and Get to Riverside

If you’re a fan of horror movies – this is for you. Gather all of your scary friends and make the drive to Riverside for one of the best Halloween conventions this year. With everything from special guests to panels, live music and costume contests, video game tournaments, and horror speed dating – there’ something for everyone. If you’re afraid of things like this – perfect; there’s even a scream competition with a cash prize!

October 18 – 20, 2019
Riverside Municipal Auditorium

3485 Mission Inn Avenue
Riverside, CA 92501

(760) 359-8372


Special Guests

I’m someone who’s a fan of movies, but also someone afraid of seeing scary movies in theaters. Are you like that? Something more terrifying to me would be to see those same characters in real life – thankfully, they’re all actors. Your favorite horror icons come to life when you come to Darkside in Riverside! They have special guests like Linda Blair from The Exorcist, Tony Todd who played the Candyman, John Kassir who amazingly played the voice of the Crypt Keeper in Tales of the Crypt, and Michael Berryman from the original Hills Have Eyes – and also had a cameo in Weird Science!

And this is only some of their impressive lineup. Check out there rest, HERE!

The Darkside in Riverside


If you ever wanted to ask the mind behind Friday the 13th about his summer camp experiences – now’s your chance! Summon questions, take photos, and check out their special film screening all in the same place.

The Darkside in Riverside

Think back to all of the horror movie characters that scared you when you were a child. Do you think you have the courage to meet them in real life?

Face your fears and check out all of the fun activities, games, competitions, and entertainment at the Darkside in Riverside!

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