Green Pepper and Mushrooms Marsala

I love eating vegan! I always feel so good, light and fluffy after a vegan meal – satisfied but not stuffed!

While I’m not vegan all the time – I do appreciate how great it can feel when you do eat vegan.  I participate in several events for work and many times I will order a roasted vegetable plate for dinner!

I was tinkering in my kitchen one evening trying to think about how to create something new that was versatile and vegan. I started with half shallot onion sauteed in extra virgin olive oil until cooked.  From there I looked in the fridge to see what I had available,  and as usual I had a green pepper, an 8 ounce package of whole mushrooms and some parsley.  Next I sliced up the green pepper and mushroom, and added them to the shallot and olive oil mixture.  I continued to give thought to how I could make this even better – though even if I stopped now it would be delicious!  So I looked over at my counter of rice vinegar, red wine vinegar and noticed a bottle of Marsala wine! I thought this would be perfect!  It was the exact ingredient I was looking for to make this dish flavorful – at a different level!  I poured one cup of Marsala wine over the mixture, added a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper, then reduced the heat to low for 30 minutes until the Marsala wine reduced.  Then voila!

I first used this mixture over a piece of steak as a topping and it was a hit with my family! I saved the leftovers in a small container and the next day I used the mixture in between two slices of delicious Italian ciabatta bread.  I didn’t even need mayo because the Marsala wine and olive oil mixed together made a delicious dressing!

Try this Marsala-green pepper-mushroom dish and you’ll be able to use it over chicken or steak like I did!  And the next day in a delicious sandwich – enjoy!

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