Netflix and Chill with one of these take out restaurants!

Netflix and Chill is the generation’s new official “date night” with one of the many streaming services and your crush. While staying home all weekend, you have so many options to movies, and TV shows that you have one final choice to make. What’s for dinner? There’s something about turning on your film with a plate of food that makes life feel perfect. We need that now more than ever. Ask your date what kind of food they want and give them the options below. While all of these restaurants have been updating their safety and health regulations while closing their dining rooms – they’re still open for pick-up or delivery! Even more good news is that they’re FREE to deliver through Doordash.

If you’re away from your movie watching group, there is Netflix Party—heard of it? Download the extension and check out the new way to watch movies online with friends. Never again worry about being in sync throughout the film because Netflix thought of that too. If someone has to get up to use the restroom or grab another drink, pause your movie, and it will pause your Netflix buddy’s video too! There’s no limit on the number of friends you can have in your Netflix party, and even use the chatbox on the side, so you don’t disturb the rest of the group. What a time to be alive! 

Urban Plates

Courtesy of Yelp/ Urban Plates

13380 Jamboree Rd  Irvine, CA 92602

If you’re on a Netflix and Chill date, why not go large for dinner? Urban Plates is a fantastic place because you get a full plate of food for less than $20, and it is AMAZING. Invite a date over and place this on your own dishes and serve with a glass of wine – then say you cooked it yourself. That’s a quality dinner.

The Halal Guys

Courtesy of Yelp/ Halal Guys

2883 Park Ave Tustin, CA 92782

I always thought if you wanted an excellent Gyro, you had to go to Las Vegas for the Mad Greek. Not since I tried this place! Get a combo of a Gyro with fresh chicken or beef, and you’ll have a new Greek restaurant to love. Make it a bowl or a wrap; either way, it’s incredible. 

Emporio Sushi & Mariscos

Courtesy of Yelp/ Emporio Sushi & Mariscos

150 S Hewes St Orange, CA 92869

Sometimes you CRAVE sushi. If you’re into the unlimited, Emporio Sushi & Mariscos have platters that will give you the sushi fix you’ve been thinking about all week. Take a look at their menu and find something spicy or add on some sides to really make your movie night a full experience.

Bay Poke & Tea House

Courtesy of Yelp/ Janeth M.

1801 E Katella Ave  Ste 1005 Anaheim, CA 92805

Some people love sushi; some people love poke’. If you’re more of a poke’ person, Bay Poke Fish House is the place to go. Their options are endless, and their ingredients are fresh. When turning on your movie tonight, this option is a must-have. 

Lamppost Pizza

Courtesy of Yelp/ Lamppost Pizza Orange

1829 E Chapman Ave Orange, CA 92867

We saved the best dinner for last. Pizza on a movie night? Perfection. Order from Lamppost pizza for FREE delivery and your night will be complete. Their ingredients always taste the best compared to some others, which is why they’re my personal favorite.

Cold Stone Creamery

Courtesy of Yelp/ Cold Stone Creamery

2233 N Tustin St Ste B Orange, CA 92865

You might have already had dinner, so it’s time to get a treat—order with FREE delivery to satisfy that sweet tooth. Get a size called Like It, Love It, or Gotta Have It! Customize your order of ice cream and toppings to have one of many possible combinations to feed your ice cream craving.

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