Take a Hike Day!

When We Say Take a Hike, We Mean It!

The So-Cal area has the unique benefit of having the city, mountains, desert, suburbs, and beaches. That’s what makes Los Angeles and Orange County so great! We don’t need to drive hours for a great view of whatever terrain we want. And so goes with the hikes. Today is National Take a Hike Day! So grab your comfortable shoes, best friends, and water – because we’re giving you five favorite So-Cal hikes! 

* Remember, this is So-Cal hiking, which means you’re never too far from the road, and you wear your cutest athletic wear to have the best picture for your social media.

Runyon Canyon

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The most LA hike you can do! Join all the tourists and the IG influencers for a walk to the Hollywood sign. It’s great to see the beautiful skyline of Los Angeles downtown and Hollywood area. I once hiked the 4 miles up to see that there was a road that tourists drove up for that sign picture. As much as I was exhausted, the hike is sure worth it!

Hermit Falls

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Over in the hills is this one of many other hiking trails. This one is my favorite because you drive up the Altadena hills in a fun curvy road and end at a beautiful canyon in the brush. The hike itself is only a few miles, but you head down to a fantastic finish point. The rocks become a little area to climb into the water if you dare. I do not recommend the cliff diving, so be careful and hold on to whatever you can if you’re doing the climb to the bottom!

Whittier Turnbull Canyon

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Whittier is a fun little town with many places to eat and the house from Disturbia. What also hides on Greenleaf is a great hiking trail that can make or break the day. Choose the far side of the road, and you’ll have a steady incline to the water tower. Choose the trail closer to the street, and that incline will rise so fast, you’d think it was the edge of the Earth – but at least your quads will get the workout you want. This trail is where I use to train for high school track so that the gains will be real. Just make sure you park somewhere you don’t need a parking permit.

Bridge to Nowhere

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Go online and get that parking pass, because you’ll need it! This hike has less of an incline but has an adventurous trail of climbs, water streams, and canyons to be in awe. Go in as far as you’d like, and the path can take a few hours. But how daring do you feel? Do I have to mention that this hike is also home to the bridge that many bungee jumps from – who’s down for that?

Crystal Cove Trail

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Oh, what a romantic hike this one is! Leave your car in the enchanted park area, then hike up the trail to the Newport Beach hills. Find the top of the mountain that shows a fantastic view of the city and the ocean. The trail only takes about an hour to get to the top. But once you hike down, pass your car and walk through the tunnel under the Pacific Coast Highway. Just like walking into the wardrobe to Narnia, you’ll find the majestic ocean at your feet. Feel the water between your toes and breathe in the salty fragrance of a path well walked! 

I tried to make that sound as magical as possible! Mostly because it is. So check out this hike or any of the other to remind yourself why living in So-Cal is the best place to be.

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