Take advantage of the SoCal weather by paddle boarding

Living in Southern California gives you a year-round experience of beautiful sunshine. With such perfect weather conditions and so much to do in the area, it’s hard not to be outside. Orange County and Los Angeles, in particular, have so many outdoor activities to do. On a sunny afternoon, you can choose to visit the beach and do everything from hiking, swimming, surfing, or paddleboarding. It’s definitely worth getting out the paddle and hitting the canals with so many beaches to choose between. 

Most of these paddle boarding shops give you a selection of boards and kayaks too. Take the paddles and your choice of vessel and head into the water. Don’t be surprised if you are a little sore after the day in the water. Paddleboarding is an excellent workout for your arms, back, and core muscles. Every stroke of the paddle is another set of the exercise as you push the water behind you. It might not feel like a lot on the first few pushes, but after two hours in the water, your arms will feel tired and on their way to getting toned. 

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Holly Madarich

Visit the famous Venice Beach for your next adventure

Venice Beach is known for being a hot spot for influencers, foodies, and beach-goers. That’s because whether you want to come to eat or visit the ocean, there’s so much to see. Walk to the beach, and you might notice the weight lifters at the outdoor gym, the influencers filming their vlogs, or the paddle boarders and surfers in the ocean water. It’s a beautiful view of the city, and it only gets more interesting the longer you’re there. Get into the water on the ocean side, or visit Marina Del Rey, where the rental boats and paddleboards are ready to set sail.

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Have a fun time at the Huntington Beach canals

When it comes to paddleboarding, Huntington Beach has got you covered. Travel down the Pacific Coast Highway, where you can find a full day in the sun. Paddleboarding in Huntington Beach is fun because you have a clear route around the houses, restaurants, and yachts in town. Paddle or even kayak around the canals until you’re tired or get hungry. Then visit Golden Road near the channels, or take a drive to downtown Huntington Beach where you can shop, eat, and drink the day away. Or cross the street to the local beaches, have a bonfire, and dip your toes into the cold ocean water. It’s a great place to meet friends to enjoy a socially distant activity while getting your feet wet. 

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Let’s plan a day at the Long Beach Alamitos Bay

Long Beach is a great place for being outdoors, period. They have everything near the water to eat, drink, and enjoy some physical activity. Make a plan for being in Long Beach all day because there’s so much to do. With so many rental locations for water bikes, kayaks, and paddleboards – there’s no reason not to enjoy the SoCal sun this weekend. After your day in the water and working out your arms, you’re definitely going to be hungry and thirsty. Visit any local restaurants, breweries, or bars and see why everyone loves going to Long Beach on their days off. 

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The next stop is the beautiful peninsula of Newport Beach

Newport Beach is a fantastic place to paddleboard because of the canal views. On one side, you can see the Pacific Ocean, and on the other, you have Orange County hills in the distance. This leisurely canal system gives you clear directions of where to paddle through unique homes, restaurants, and yachts as well. Paddle around and see everyone on the local Duffy boats, and when you finish the water adventure, there’s still so much to do. The Balboa Peninsula is a fun place for anyone who wants to visit the beach, have bottomless mimosas at any local restaurants, or visit the Balboa Fun Zone Ferris Wheel. 

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Bring your board to Bolsa Chica State Beach 

The great thing about Bolsa Chica State Beach is that it’s in the middle of everything. There is a private little state beach between Long Beach and Huntington that provides the best of both worlds. There are beautiful views of the ocean, The Bolsa Bay, and best of all – it’s always empty. Stop by the Bolsa Bay State Marine Conservation Area for everything you need to spend the day outdoors. You have hiking options, paddleboarding, kayaking, and more with this adventurous stop off Pacific Coast Highway. 

Paddleboarding may be a great workout, but it’s much more of a fun experience. While having fun with family or friends paddling in the canals, you might not even notice how much you’re exercising your arms. Southern California is a great place to be outside and have new adventures, so the next time you’re looking for an outdoor workout, make it fun.

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