Delivery Delectables

Make your sweet cravings a reality with delivery!

If you have a sweet tooth, delivery might just be your fairy godmother for the next month or so. You’ve thought of all the ways to store and save on food, but I bet you forgot about dessert. Not to fear, delivery services are here and will gladly serve up something sweet. Keep scrolling to be in for a treat!

Milk Bar

Courtesy of Instagram / MILKBARSTORE

7150 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 | 347.577.9504

Milk Bar, as many know, is a local LA business that makes it easy to crave ice cream and now they are making it even easier when it comes to ordering their tasty treats for delivery. They keep it short, sweet, and to the point! You place an order, they make it (flash-freeze for safe travels), package it up, and send it your way! They will also be offering pick-up if you’re sweet tooth just cant wait.

Meet the Source

Courtesy of

1980 Placentia Ave. Unit A, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 | 714.698.9157

Here’s a treat for all the raw vegans out there! On another note, these are the best raw bliss balls this carnivore has ever had! Meet the Source is a local OC business from Costa Mesa, CA taking the sweets game by storm. Not only do they make great bliss balls they also make beautifully delicious cakes, all for delivery and pick-up when you order at

The Donuttery

Courtesy of Instagram | THEDONUTTERY

You can’t go wrong with donuts and when they offer delivery you can’t say no! The Donuttery is a local business in Hunting Beach, CA that not only offers an array of flavors, they also offer an array of VEGAN flavors. They will be offering delivery on UberEats, Grubhub, Doordash!

Courteney of Instagram | THEDIRTYCOOKIEOC

The Dirty Cookie is a delectable indeed! Their cup-shaped cookies make it easy and fun to add milk, cold brew, or even a happy hour favorite. There’s nothing really holding you back from ordering these tasty treats, but I’m sure free delivery makes it a bit more enticing. This local OC and LA business is ready to take your order on their website now!

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