Drinks for delivery

On Tuesday, March 17, the Orange County Health Care Agency called for bars, wineries, and breweries that serve only drinks to close in an attempt to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Also affected are restaurants’ dining rooms across the county and limiting them to takeout and delivery only. 

It’s what we have to do to make sure we all stay healthy and safe! Thankfully, all of these places are keeping up with the new safety and health guidelines – additionally, they are allowed to serve their full bar with food by delivery and takeout. 

No one wants to be in the situation we’re in, but we might as well make our meals even better by taking advantage of the deliveries and drinks at home! Check out the other TEA articles on the Orange County Register for lists of all of the Orange County restaurants offering these kind benefits. 

Last week, we filmed Irish drinks to make for St. Patties Day at Here and Now in Downtown Los Angeles. We were so excited for you to try their fantastic food and drink menu for dine-in! However, due to circumstances, they also had to shut down their dining room. Never fear, because delivery is here. Here and Now is offering all food, beer, and wine through Postmates or by phone at 213.262.9291 from 5-10 PM Tuesday – Sunday. To refresh your memory, here is the wonderful bartender, Taylor Cloyes @yourfavoriteshedonist making one of her original drinks.

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