Happy Thanksgiving!

Friends, Family, and Food!

What are you thankful for this year? It may be your family, your friends, or even your fur babies! Thanksgiving has become a symbolic holiday to reflect on everything and every one good in your life and give thanks. We do this with all the yummy food, drinks, and company that the season has to offer. Home is where you make it, so whoever you spend Thanksgiving with, remember that there is always good to find in the world – including you! Have fun, be safe, and save room for dessert!

Remember to bring some Tupperware to the party to save some leftovers!!!

This year we’re looking at the beautiful mountain of Big Bear! The rain this weekend is sure to bring a snow filled season. So put the chains on your car, grab a sled, and make your way to the pillow soft snow. Bring some extra hot cocoa and snuggle up for a beautiful Thanksgiving.

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