Joshua Tree

Not All Those Who Wander are Lost

Joshua Tree is one of the many tremendous So Cal areas for hiking, camping, and exploring. The desert terrain leads to a fantastic view, and it’s only a couple hours out of the city! Camp, RV, or stay at the main places available to the public and see what makes this location so unique. Once the sun goes down, light a bonfire, and look up to the sky. Joshua Tree holds some of the best views of the star-filled sky that’s away from the city lights. Whether it’s for a weekend or even one night – you won’t regret coming.

Check out everything to do at Joshua Tree!

On any desert hike, remember the ten essentials:

  1. water
  2. food
  3. layers of clothing
  4. sun protection
  5. first aid kit
  6. sturdy shoes
  7. navigation (map & compass)
  8. pocket knife or multitool
  9. flashlight or headlamp
  10. emergency shelter
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