KAABOO Del Mar – Sept. 13-15

Photo by Jordon Conner


Take off your Earpods, kings and queens and stop making us feel like peasants – because all of your favorite artists and comedians are going to be LIVE to San Diego!

Tomorrow the last festival of the summer is making its way to Southern California with all the good vibes we need right now. The lineup is so diverse it doesn’t matter your music taste. If you’re in an upbeat mood – they have the Black Eyed Peas, if you want to sing along at the top of your lungs, they have Mumford & Sons, and even if you’re feeling into your high school feelings – they have the Plain White T’s. Just do me a favor, ask what happened to Delilah and if she’s still in New York City!

Even if you need a break from the music, there’s still more to do with your group. Don’t worry; this isn’t the Fyre Festival. They’re going to live up to their hype with their unique menus, stand up comedians, and art walks to keep you entertained the entire weekend.

Check out all the details for the MUSIC, COMEDY, FOOD, and ART.

Are you in?

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