Nocturnal Wonderland – Sept. 14 & 15

Photo by Jorik Kleen

Nocturnal Wonderland – Sept. 14 & 15 – Glen Helen Regional Park

It’s time to be your true self and get ready for the good vibes and music at the 2019 Nocturnal Wonderland! Grab your rave-family and get to the festival you’ve been waiting for. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole?

Did you get your tickets yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Get them NOW!

Insomniac is keeping their tradition of awesome stages; the four venues offer the best acoustics that you can imagine. Make sure you have Walkie-Talkies or make a human chain because you don’t want to get lost. Take a tour of all the stages – HERE.

We already mentioned your Walkie-Talkies. Do you have an assigned Rave-Mom? Do you have your water and Pedialyte??? Take everything you need because you better have the most fun of your life, but come back in one piece, okay?

Now that the bass is ready to drop…Here is your 2019 lineup as I’m sure you know! Make your playlist for the drive over there is ready to go. The wait is finally over, and now you can spread the love with one of the most active music communities on the planet.

Want some more fun before you go?

What’s your name? No, your real name. Your RAVE NAME.

The Nocturnal Wonderland Rave-Name-Generator made me laugh, so you should check it out too.

My name was Ryan Rodarte. But now I shall be known as “Sleepy Fist Pump.”

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