National Voter Registration Day

Photo by Parker Johnson

This is America

So that you have no excuses when it comes time to vote – it’s National Voter Registration Day. Voting is something no one should have FOMO about – so make sure you’re registered! On this national holiday, volunteers all over the country will be helping everyone get registered to vote in their state.

Register to Vote

No matter your political affiliation – right now is the time to make sure you’re using your voice for what you believe in. Whether you’re a Baby Boomer, Generation X, a Millennial, or Generation Y – you should be registered to vote.

Congratulations, Generation Y! Some of you have had time being 18 years old-time to be a part of democracy. So if you or anyone else needs help, check out the video, Guide for the New Voter. 


A lot has changed in recent years. Have you? If you want to Check or Change Your Voter Registration – you can do that here! And remember to practice what you preach. If you tell people to vote and to care about politics, make sure you vote too!

Don’t let anyone tell you that your vote doesn’t count, because it does. Make you’re registered and get educated on all of the items that we’ll be voting on soon. We’re still the United States of America, and we’re still “indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.” 

Text VOTER to 26797 to get more info and make sure you are registered.

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