National Singles Day 2019: Should You Really Have FOMO?

National Singles Day

In today’s society, being single is more noticeable because of social media and group dates, where everyone already has a plus one. So what is better between being single and being in a relationship? It depends on the person – but if you are flying solo – cheers to you! At least you know no one is cheating on you. That’s a plus!

Look at you, already seeing a bright side.

But what if you are looking for more? You’re hot on the market, and you know you’re in an excellent mental and emotional maturity for someone else. So, your choices are to be introduced by a friend, randomly meet someone like a PG-13 Rom-Com, or dating apps. Meeting someone in person is beautiful – if you dare to approach them. Then fingers crossed they’re single. Then even if they are – hope they’re not still in love with their ex or someone crazy! It’s exhausting. So go to the inevitable option – dating apps.

I’m Just Kidding … Unless You’re Down

The best thing about dating apps is also the worst thing about dating apps. So many options. Whether you’re swiping or thinking of cheesy pick-up lines, everyone is expendable because there is another profile of a potential significant other hiding right behind that person. It’s like a human menu where you can choose everything you want in a person. Height, religion, active, and attractive? Whatever you want. 

So IF YOU ARE going down this road – what is the best dating app to use right now? 

Here are my quick thoughts and ratings (out of 5) based on what my friends have told me!

TinderπŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

The OG dating app. We have it to thank for the “swipe right/left” action. It started as the hot new dating site but has become a place, weirdos. But also if you see me on there then mind your business. I don’t think I have any good stories from this place! Good stories for you to hear, but not to live through.

Bumble🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝

Bumble is the same premise of Tinder with swiping, but it’s a little more women-friendly. When you match, the woman has to start the conversation. I’ve seen people swipe yes to everyone to see who they match with – whoever they are. It’s a shotgun method of dating, but whatever helps your confidence! There’s a lot of pretty people on here, so try it out.

Hinge😍 😍 😍 😍

For 2019, this is the writers choice! Create a full profile that is more about personality than the shallow swiping. Be funny, take good pictures, and be yourself. You’re still able to message each other freely, but make to have a good starting question or comment unless you’re just naturally blessed with your looks!

Coffee Meets Bagelβ˜• β˜• β˜•

This is one of those apps where it only really benefits you if you pay for it. I’m okay with investing in future relationships, but dating is expensive enough without subscriptions. Then when you don’t pay, you’ll get a message saying the person you like won’t see your message for ten days.

However, my good friend paid for her app and met a great guy who teaches me how to salsa dance. Now they’re engaged and both vegans or something, so good for them.

Match and E-Harmony πŸ’— πŸ’— πŸ’— πŸ’— πŸ’—

Imagine this as the higher statuses of dating apps because you have to pay for it. However, because you’re devoting so much into it, you only find people serious about dating. So if you find someone you like, the chances of it working are high. Shout out to my friends who met on and are married with a baby now!

OKCupid🏹 🏹

This app use to be great! I met my college girlfriend one OK Cupid when it was still new. Then they went to the dark side and made it harder for everyone with the free version. It became a swipe right/left app. Another good profile builder, here.

I got off it when I found out my mom was using it. But long story short she met her now-husband of 3 years. So it sounds like Cupid works OK for her in this situation!

Plenty of Fish🐟

Plenty of Fish is more like plenty of crazy people. You might find a diamond in the rough, but you have better options to increase your probability. You might also find a robot who makes terrible grammatical errors. This is one sea you should save yourself from.


This app is funny. It matches you based off of things you hate. So if you’re like me and you add items on your list like ketchup, Country music, and Drew Barrymore – this is for you. But sometimes you have to be careful about what you wish for. We had a lot of common in the things we hated – but the more we got to know each other, the more I saw she hated everything. Venture into the more positive side of life.

HappnπŸ’‘ πŸ’‘ πŸ’‘

This dating app follows the cute premise that you can randomly meet someone that you pass every day in your proximity. Then you match someone at your local coffee shop, which is perfect! However, when that relationship doesn’t work out, you still always bump into them at your local coffee shop. Sometimes you get a meet-cute, other times you get a slice of awkward with your coffee.

Or so I’ve heard.

FOMO: Fear of Moving On

Dating apps can work. Meeting someone in public can work. I’ve met a girlfriend on an app when I was bored with Netflix. Then again, I’ve also taken a chance and met someone at a gym. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you put yourself out there. Be open to everyone you meet, and make sure you’re dating for yourself and not your Instagram posts. Have fun, be safe, and be yourself. Because it doesn’t matter who your profile or social media says you are – it matters who you are in person. So swipe right on yourself and get out there!

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