The OC Fair Ends This Weekend!

Have You Been to the OC Fair Yet? It’s Your LAST CHANCE.
Buy Your Tickets ASAP!

The OC Fair began July 12th and is coming to an end this weekend, on August 11th. That means you have THREE days to enjoy everything the fair has to offer.

The food experience is everything you hope and dream it to be. This better be your cheat day, because you’ll need it as you dip into the bacon-wrapped turkey legs, fried Oreos, and beef kebabs – and that’ll be the appetizers!

Get a wrist band, and hold your nerves, because the ride experience will spin you back into your childhood. If you have the stomach for it, try the roller coasters, or if you prefer something slow, get on the famous Ferris wheel.

Besides the food and the rides, there is still so much to do. Take photos with the butterflies, see the art walk, the dessert contests, play the endless options of games, or enjoy the zoo of farm animals. There’s something to do all day and night – the only thing missing is YOU! Make your way to the fairgrounds Friday, Saturday, or Sunday this weekend and enjoy!

Watch the Video of the OC Fair!

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