Order pickup from these restaurants by the beach

We all need to do our part in staying home to flatten the curve – but we understand sometimes you need to go outside for a breath of fresh air. And what better air to breathe than at the beach? We put together a list of restaurants by the beaches of SoCal so the next time you order your meals for pickup you can at least have some time with a beautiful view. 

 Summer Fried Chicken 

Courtesy of summer fried chicken

3305 Newport Blvd Ste E Newport Beach, CA 92663

If you’re someone who loves fried chicken, you know when your food is made with good quality ingredients. Drive down to Newport Beach for a beautiful drive and fried chicken that makes getting out of the house even more worth it. It doesn’t matter if you order bone in, boneless, or even a chicken sandwich – you’ll want to stop here this week.

Point 11 Grill Huntington Beach

Courtesy of Yelp/ Denise N.

327 11th St Ste 101 Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Are you tired of cooking at home? There’s no need when Point 11 Grill offers authentic Peruvian food like nowhere else. Order a little of everything including their chicken or veggie skewers, plantains, and other Peruvian menu items you don’t want to miss. 

Secret Spot Huntington Beach

Courtesy of Yelp/ Miranda E.

17200 Pacific Coast Hwy Huntington Beach, CA 92649

It’s called Secret Spot for a reason! This wonderful hidden restaurant finds itself hidden in Huntington Beach. Order anything from their breakfast burritos, sandwich wraps, and other special menu options for takeout. You’ll enjoy the fresh air as you pick it all up. 

Cha-Cha Chicken Santa Monica 

Courtesy of Postmates

1906 Ocean Ave Santa Monica, CA 90405

Right on the beaches of beautiful Santa Monica is this crispy chicken restaurant. You’ll want to order extra sides of their tasty sauces for every bite. Drive down the LA coastline and order takeout from a restaurant with every kind of chicken you can think of. 

A and J Seafood Shack Long Beach 

Courtesy of A&J Seafood Shack

3201 Anaheim St Long Beach CA 90804

Why eat by the beach if you’re not going to have seafood? Check out their garlic shrimp, house special lobster, and even their amazing spring rolls. You’ll want everyone in the family to order something different so you can sample it all! 

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