The 17th Door Haunt – Last Chance!

Spooky season is almost over, and I don’t know how it’s going to fast!

Have you had enough time to visit a local haunt? If you haven’t- it’s time to go. If you have, then allow us to introduce a scarier one, The 17th Door.

When a haunt has you sign a lengthy waiver that you must read and sign before entering, you know you’re in for some real horror. We love going to the haunts where we know there is the rule that keeps the monsters from touching you. That little safe rule keeps us in our happy place, but not here. Obviously, you won’t be harmed, and it’s completely safe. But that doesn’t stop these monsters from pushing the boundaries on all of your fear. Test your ability to handle horror and visit The 17th Door before the tickets sell out, and the haunting season ends. 

Buy Your Horror Tickets NOW. 

Watch the Preview of the 17th Door Haunted House

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