Valley View Casino & Hotel has completed a $50 million expansion and here’s what it looks like

A 30 foot glass enclosed main entrance greets guests at Valley View Casino & Hotel. The Valley Center resort recently wrapped up a $50 million expansion. (Courtesy of Valley View Casino & Hotel)

As Southern California casinos double down on major expansions, Valley View Casino & Hotel planned its recently revealed renovations around its current clientele.

After nearly a year and a half’s worth of construction, which wrapped on June 28, the Valley Center complex revealed its $50 million expansion and sleek new look on July 3.

The expansion added 43,000 square feet to 100,000 square feet of existing casino and restaurant space, including two additional restaurants, a players club, a promotions area for gifts and slot tournaments, six additional restrooms and two new guest entrances. The additional casino space occupies what was the casino’s valet parking area, which has since been relocated.

“I know obviously $50 million is an enormous amount of money, but really in the scale of expanding casinos, many casinos even locally have $200 million, $300 million (expansions), but we didn’t think we needed any more than really what guests asked for,” Bruce Howard, general manager for Valley View, said in an interview at the property.

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