Electric Feels Party: TONIGHT

Photo by Zach Lucero

Dance and Electronica Music Sensation

Have your parents ever called your music, “noise” or “sounds?” Well, unless your parents are cool and into this kind of thing – they won’t be here! So you can listen to your electronica music with your crew ALL. NIGHT. LONG. This isn’t just a concert; it’s an Electric Feels Party.

It’s a fair reminder that this is the music lineup of all the music these talented DJ’s will be mixing – not the actual bands! But check out the music you’ll be able to hear tonight:

It Starts Tonight

Did I even say how much the tickets are? The General Admission is only $12.00. You spend more on your Netflix! So, stop what you’re doing and get your tickets:


Come on, are you even doing anything tonight? Call that friend that never comes out. You know the one. They always have an excuse, but you KNOW they’re at home watching Riverdale with their pet. Get THAT friend and get some tickets for the Indie Rock and Indie Dance Party that you will be talking about for the rest of the year.

Anaheim House of Blues at 9 PM

Did I mention they have their show at the Anaheim House of Blues?

If you’re near Disneyland, tonight go to the Anaheim House of Blues for that cool Rock Vibe. This show is for ages 18+, so you can even bring you, kid sibling, if your friend is leaving your texts on read again! The show starts at 9 PM, but you know, come earlier.

400 W Disney Way Suite 337, Anaheim, CA 92802

Just for a preview of the show you’re going to get, check out their YouTube below!

Courtesy of Electric Feels YouTube
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