National Comic Book Day

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Everyone knows this is what Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker before he became Spider-Man. This quote shaped him as a person and motivated him to become the hero we all know and love. Unless you’re Sony – then for some reason you make Peter Parker emo.

Did someone in your life ever say something similar to you? Maybe a friend or family member who gave you life-defining advice? Mine was my grandparents. They invited me over to their house for a new show called Smallville about Superman as a kid learning about life and himself. I was a kid at the time, so the television show, then the comics, then the movies – helped shape my morality too. 

What Superhero do you want to emulate? If you don’t know – stop by your local comic book store and see who your favorite character is. Are you moral like Superman; Do you believe in justice like Batman; Or do you stand for peace like Wonder Woman?

Los Angeles Comic Con

Maybe you want to get deeper into the Bat-Cave. What can you do?

Visit the Los Angeles Comic Con!
Los Angeles Convention Center
October 11, 2019 – October 13, 2019

Take flight to one of the largest comic book conventions in town. If you’ve ever had an interest in Cosplay, take a chance, and build your team. Get the crafts out and make your favorite superhero costume. I’ve done it! I’ll never share those pictures – but I had fun! Visit panels from your favorite actors, artists, and Cosplay influencers.

Tickets are going like the Flash! So buy your tickets now!

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…a Super Quiz!

Just for fun, take this short superhero quiz to see how far you’ve come in your training!

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