Take a socially distant ride on a Duffy boat this summer

Socially distancing yourself at home with family and roommates was probably interesting when it first started, but five months later, it may have driven you crazy. While more businesses open their doors to the public while maintaining the new regulations of health and safety, people are beginning to take trips to the store, market, and restaurants more frequently for necessities. However, public events like concerts, movie theaters, and other activities remain closed. Thankfully, we live on the west coast of beautiful California, where the beach is the home to many locations providing rental Duffy boats. Think of these boats as a 12 person dining table that happens to be on an electric boat!

So while you make your weekend plans for the rest of summer, let us give you four reasons why you should take a socially distant ride on a Duffy boat.

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Sinjin Thomas

The Locations

In sunny Southern California, there are many beaches to choose from for your day outside – and the same goes for when you want to rent a Duffy boat! From Long Beach to Newport Beach, some businesses have rental skippers and Duffys for you and your group. With so many people who can’t wait to get outside, you’ll want to call ahead to organize a reservation in advance – maybe weeks in advance. So if you have a birthday coming up, call when you finish reading this article.

The Price

We hope you’ve been saving up during your time at home! But lucky for you, renting a Duffy boat isn’t going to break the bank. With rentals for eight to twelve people per boat available, you might be spending near $200. Now for the price of renting a boat for about two hours, that’s not bad. Not bad at all. Now combine that with the freedom to bring your food, drinks, and games onto the boat – it sounds like it’s worth it. Have everyone split that price down the middle and remind them to BYOB and food, then the price is lower for the whole group. This is an excellent idea for anyone still hesitant to have dinner in restaurants because now you’re eating outdoors on the water. If you want an even better deal, rumor has it that Groupon has some great offers!

The Social Distancing

Let’s be real. Going out during this time is something we’re all conscious about. We make sure we wash our hands and social distance as much as possible. After five months of staying inside, it makes sense that you need fresh air. So when you and your household of friends or family are comfortable – go somewhere that you can be safe. These boats are cleaned before and after each ride. The open-air is an excellent change from home, and being on the boat with only the people you live with is a safe way to be social in a new environment. As we’ve said, the boat holds eight to twelve people under the ten limit for social gatherings. So make sure everyone is feeling healthy, grab something to eat and drink, and all aboard!

Courtesy of Unsplash/ Frank Mckenna

The Fun!

Watching Netflix and reading books has probably gotten boring by now. So it’s only natural that you want to be out in the sun! Long Beach and Newport Beach are both fantastic places to rent a boat. The marinas and canals are beautiful every time of the year. So the fact that you can rent a boat for a couple of hours is amazing. Split up food, snacks, and drink options within your group, so everyone has something to bring! Then comes the critical question – who is driving the boat? Take turns or have one captain, whatever works for you. Set sail in the marina with a map of all the locations your boat is free to roam – lookout for all the bigger boats!

Call any of the local electric Duffy boat rentals ASAP to see the next reservation you can get, because, with so much fun to be had, they’ll go quick!

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