The Venice Canals

Time Wasted at the Beach is Time Well Spent

Where to find it!
Venice, CA 90292

Venice Beach is a touristy area with good food, LA culture, and fantastic art. You might see some YouTube stars walking around filming, some Bird Scooters passing you by, and the world-famous muscle beach with all sizes of power-lifters. 

One of the best things about Venice Beach is the Venice Canals. A short stroll from the boardwalk, enter the romantic path that makes them such a tourist attraction. Even more so, find the many movies and television shows that feature the location. Catch the canals in television shows like Goliath and Californication to films like A Nightmare on Elm Street, American Pie, and Valentine’s Day. 

So if you’re looking to spark up your Instagram feed, check out this LA hot spot!

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